Top Five places to visit in Pembrokeshire Coast National park


27 July 2020

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The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park in west wales is unique. Why? Because it is the only national park in the UK that is completely coastal. This makes it a perfect holiday destination. 


This national park is situated on the west coast of wales and was established in 1952. At only 629 sq km ( 243 sq mi) in size, is one of the smaller National parks in uk. This destination is a perfect place for wildlife lovers, hikers, cyclists and any one who wants to get away and relax for a few days or even weeks in Wales. 


Here are my top Five suggestions for the best things to do while visiting the Pembrokeshire Coast national park in Wales.


  1. Pembrokeshire Coast path 



This Coastal path was established in1970 and is 186 miles (300 km). It is a designated National trail in Pembrokeshire. Most of the sections of this path are easy to walk and accessible to people of all ages. The walks along this path allows you to witness the sheer beauty of nature around. It covers almost every kind of maritime landscape from rugged cliff top and sheltered coves to wide-open beaches and winding estuaries. 


  1. Visit St Davids Cathedral 



Built on the site of a 6th-century chapel, this building dates mainly from 12 to 14 centuries. This cathedral is a beautiful place and has beautiful surroundings which is worth a visit. 


  1. Visit St Davids Head 


Pembrokeshire national park is heaven to geology lovers. St Davids Head is a great example of this, made from old volcanic rock dating back over 500 million years. Apart from this it also gives you stunning views of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path. 


  1. See the Green Bridge of Wales 


The Green Bridge of Wales is a natural arch formed from Carboniferous Limestone. With a height of 80 ft , the natural arch and Bridge society describe it as probably the most spectacular arch in the United Kingdom. 


As this area passes through army tank range and closed at certain times you need to call to check if the range is open to public: Call Pembroke visitor center- 01437 776499 


  1. Visit the award winning beaches in the National park 


This national park is home to more than 50 beaches, 12 blue flag beaches and many more Green Coast and Seaside award-winning bays. Most of the them provide good swimming and many lend themselves to plenty of other activities too, such as watersports, beach games, rockpooling or you can just take it easy and relax while enjoying the drink on the beach. 


Here is the list of Beaches that you must visit 

  • Whitesands Bay 
  • Sandy Haven 
  • Newgale 
  • Broad Haven 
  • Watwick 




The Pembrokeshire Coast National park is a lovely place to visit Wales during your next holiday with your friends and family. This destination has a lot of things to see and explore apart from the things listed above, as above places are must visit places. This beautiful destination, Pembrokeshire Coast National Park will make your holiday fun and full of adventure. 


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