Top 5 Activities to do in Dartmoor National Park


26 July 2020

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Dartmoor National Park is full of myths and local legends. It is located in southern Devon, UK. With 954 square kilometres, Dartmoor National Park offers many activities for tourists to enjoy. If you are active and adventurous, Dartmoor is definitely the place you are looking for. Thus, we want to list 5 must-do activities in Dartmoor National Park. If you are ready, here we go!


  1. Rock Climbing


Rock Climbing is one of the most popular activities that tourists are likely to do when visiting Dartmoor National Park as it is an exciting thing for them to do. You can use your skill and physical to climb the rock. After you reach the top, you will enjoy that conqueror feeling. If you are a beginner, there are helpers provided to support you. And there are many “tors” in Dartmoor for you to choose depending on your skill and level. With many tors, you will enjoy rock climbing differently on each one. Here is One of the most popular Tors in Dartmoor: Haytors. The easy level and stunning view from the top made this tor popular among tourists.




   2. Photography


Dartmoor National Park’s landscape are amazing for taking a photo. It is full of the hill, mountain, rock, tor, river, wildlife. Thre are many elements for beautiful picture here. Moreover, this national park has a clear sky at night which is a perfect condition to take photo of stars and galaxy. With many options to take fantastic photos, photographers will find interests all the time being here. This place is one of the best choices to grab the camera to visit and go back with ton of satisfied pictures


  1. Walking


Dartmoor National Park is a perfect place to go walking. with a stunning view and many kinds of walking routes provided, it is a famous destination for walking. Tourists can enjoy nature and historical places along the way while walking. There are many routes you can enjoy. So, you will not be bored walking in Dartmoor. There are a short walk, long walk, and guided walk offer to the visitors. These types of walk are provided for visitors to choose depending on their physical ability and interest.


  1. Canoeing

River Dart is a famous river in Devon. Also a famous destination for Conoeing in Dartmoor National Park. Tourists can experience conoeing on crystal clear rivers with the adventurous wave. Also can enjoy seeing wildlife and nature along the riverside. The access point on river Dart that tourists are allowed to start canoeing are Dartmeet, Newbridge, Holne Weir, and the Dartbridge cafe. And tourists are allowed to canoe from 1 October – 31 March each year. For safety please read rule and code conduct on following website


  1. Cycling


Dartmoor National Park is a combination of nature and the man-made perfect places for cycling. With the natural beauty and the built cycling lane and route, tourists will be more than happy to ride a bike here. While cycling, you can enjoy watching natural objects and wildlife. There many route option for the cyclist to choose whether want to ride on-road or off-road. Even offer many special routes to choose such as Granite & Gears Princetown Railway route, Drake’s Trail, Wray Valley Trail, etc. If you are a cyclist and looking for a new route, do not hesitate to visit Dartmoor National Park.


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