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About us


Our Journey

Welcome to our world of travel which will alter your experience and change the way of traveling. Established in 2016, Extra Mile Tours® was born with the aim to bring you the Extra unique experience by fulfilling 4 elements: Meaningful, Immersive, Learning, and Experiential (MILE) with a tailor-made tour. The offering of the 4 elements itself differentiate us from mainstream travel companies. 

What we do best... Tailor-made quality outdoor travel

When it comes to arranging your next holiday escape, there is no better option than contacting us. At Extra Mile Tours we are dedicated to create the best holiday experience tailored to your needs. Our travel proposition includes some of the best national parks and outdoor destinations in the UK; where you can find a variety of landscapes from beaches, lakes and lochs to mountains.

Whether you are part of a business or academia community or even just a group of people that want to explore the UK and while learning through it, we can offer you unique tailor-made travel experiences.

Booking with us

Booking your next holiday adventure is easy and personalised; you just have to contact us through our enquiry form and let us know where you want to travel within the UK, potential dates, group size and the reason for travel. Then, everything is down to us, we are going to create the whole experience just like you want it. We can arrange a mix of accommodation, transport and various activities to suit your style.

Financial Protection (PTS)

You don’t have to worry about your financial protection since Extra Mile Tours® travel experiences are protected with PTS (Protected Trust Services), where by the time you book with us, your money is protected and entered in a trust account and insurance model. To find out more click on the following link