5 must do in South Downs National Park


26 July 2020

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The South Downs National Park is England’s newest national park covering 628 square miles. It is located Sussex region in the south of England.

The history of this place can be trackback to the iron age. Nowadays, it is a famous destination for tourists to visit. It can be a good choice to visit on weekends. It is only around 2 hours away from the south of London. Here we rank 5 things tourists must do in South Downs National Park.

  1. Visit Seven Sister Cliff


Seven Sisters Cliff is part of South Downs National Park. It is not far from Brighton. Seven Sisters is the name of limestone cliffs that naturally modified by the sea made them become 7 high-low cliffs. So, they named Seven Sisters. Seven Sister Cliffs is a wonderful place. It has a mesmerizing sea view. On the cliff edge is amazing, Tourists can enjoy endless taking photos here. You can go down to swim in the sea or stay on the beach to get sunlight. When you are tired, there is a cafe for you to relax and have some food and beverage. This is a perfect destination to enjoy and relax in the South Downs National Park. 


  1. Explore Arundel Castle


The Arundel Castle is a historic place with the age of nearly 1000 years. It is located in Arundel, West Sussex. It was founded in 1067 by Roger de Montgomery, Earl of Arundel, one of William the Conqueror’s most loyal barons. Now, it is the home of the Duke of Norfolk.

It is a living history building. tourists can enjoy and discover historic things and the life of the high lord here. Inside the castle, it displays the castle history and the family rooms and furniture. Medieval architecture and items are amazing. Tourists can discover the high lord’s hall, bedroom, dining room, bathroom, and toilet.



  1. Discover at The South Downs Way


The South Downs Way is one of 15 National Trails. This is a long-distance footpath that runs for around 100 miles from Winchester to Eastbourne. It is the only National Trail that lies entirely within the National Park area. Throughout 100 mile lengths, you can enjoy walking while seeing wildlife and wonderful landscape such as grassland and woodland in South Down National Park. If you cannot walk this long-distance, you can choose to ride the bike or horse as provided options.

  1. Discover Rare Species


South Down National Park is a home of many species. There are some species that hard to see in nature and only existed in South Down National Park. Burnt orchid, round-headed rampion, otter, skylark, barn owl, and brown trout are iconic species to discover here. It is an exciting activity for explorers to find these animals in the Nationa Park. If you like this kind of activity, grab your camera and head to South Downs. 



  1. Taste Breweries and Distilleries at Vineyards


England’s finest wine, beer, and gin are waiting for visitors to taste here. These beverages are crafted by award-winning producers. With the weather and soil of this area, the product here has a ‘flavor of the South Downs’ which is a unique flavor.  In fact, grapes that are growing in the national park is very similar to the Champagne region in France. This is a heaven place for alcohol lovers to visit.


South Downs National Park is a wonderful place which has large area provides visitors with a wide range of landscapes and activities. Tourists can enjoy everything in a national parks; sea, beach, mountain, wildlife, grassland, woodland, historical places, etc. This is a perfect destination.  If you are looking for a stunning and nice trip with high service please visit www.extramiletours.org

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